July 24, 2017
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July 24, 2017 KF

Back from AmericasMart the biggest retail show in Atlanta/USA, ADEPT24, known for its traditional German products, announced it will be in attendance at the two major Canadian retail shows (CanGift) in Toronto and Edmonton this August.
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This two CanGift fairs allow retailers to handle the products they sourced online, build business relationships with new and existing suppliers, and attend seminars and one-on-one consultations with industry experts to increase their professional knowledge. For us it is a great chance to meet with major retail buyers and discuss the numerous benefits of our products. Also up for discussion include marketing strategies and future goals.

CanGift Shows Fall 2017

We are pleased to have this opportunity to travel to Toronto and Edmonton and take part in what yet again promises to be very beneficial events for our two brands “MyBrilliantStar” and “HUSS Incense.” Trade shows organized thru AmericasMart and CanGift can be outstanding starting points for building crucial industry relationships that allow for faster and more widespread growth. As we push to expand our presence in the Canadian and American market, these are exactly the kinds of partnerships we need to form.

We already had a successful show in Atlanta/USA and we very much look forward to taking part in the upcoming Canadian trade shows, and are looking forward to impressing the retail buyers at the event with our products.

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