May 6, 2016 KF


Vancouver BC, May 2016

One of our partners, the Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH, welcomed a very special guest in their headquarters in Germany past April.

This very special guest was none other than the highest politician of Germany: Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck! Since 2012 he is the President of Germany and now on the 27th of April 2016 he visited the manufacture of the Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH in Upper Lausatia, Saxonia, in the east of Germany.



He learned about the history and the tradition of the Herrnhut Stars and could see how the stars were made by hand in the workshop. An interesting fact about Gauck and the Herrnhut Stars: Two custom build Herrnhut Stars decorate the Bellevue Palace (the president’s residence) and the Federal President’s Office, one at each building, which are both located in Germany’s capital Berlin.

We are happy and proud that our business partner in Germany had the opportunity to receive this honorable guest in their headquarters. Congratulations to this, dear Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH! Hopefully many more special guests will visit you to get to know the Herrnhut Stars from up close.

The partnership between the Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH and ADEPT24 began 2013. Since then they became an important business partner. Moreover our division MyBrilliantStar is our most successful project and we are looking forward to make it even more successful in the future! This means expanding our business activities in Canada and the United States!

Look at the website of MyBrilliantStar and see for yourself what we achieved so far representing the Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH in Canada and the United States.


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